Noakhali Zilla School is one of the most ancient educational institutions in greater Noakhali as well as in Bangladesh. During the British rule in 1850, Mr.Jones, a govt. official founded a school in the old town of Noakhali (At present an area near Kalitara Bazar ) without any govt. fund. British govt. wanted to spread modern European education throughout the Indian sub-continent. In this regard, they capitalized a new education policy As a Part of this policy, they decided to establish a govt. school in every district. But in Noakhali, they did not establish any new one, rather they nationalized the school founded by Mr. Jones and renamed it as Noakhali Zilla School. In 1920 the mighty Meghna engulfed the near-by area of the school So its existance was at stake. Hence, the school was shifted to Montiargona of Mohabbat pur Village. Yet the school could not save itself. By this time, the Meghna placed the school in her boundless bed. Like the phoenix of Greek mythology, the school got its new place in R.K Jubili School in 1923. R. K. Jubili School was established by MR. ROY RAI KUMER DATTA BAHADUR.

He was the land lord of Harinarayanpur. Later this Jubili school was accumulated with the previous Noakhali Zilla School and renamed as R. K. Noakhali Zilla School. But the Meghna again took her toll and the school faced its destruction for the second time in 1931.The well decorated academic building fell into the river. Then the school was shifed to Ahmadia High Madrasha. It was a school based on religious inspiration and established by the then British Govt. under its religious education policy. It was operated in the morning shift on temporary basis. But alas! within a few months the Madrasha as well as the school got its watery grave in the Meghna due to her continuous erosion. Afterwards, the school was shifted to Bango Biddaloya. In 1948 the Meghna assumed destructive appearance. As a result, the school compound disappeared in the river. As the town was shifted, the shifting of the school was also essential.The school was conducted in the Keramatia Alia Madrasha in the morning shift. It was near Sonapur Rail way station. In the begining, the school was from class three. But in the new place it was from class five due to lack of classroom facilities. Later the school was shifted in the new town for the time being, because there was a strong possibility of shifting the town either in Choumuhani or in Feni. At last in the present location, the Govt. alloted land for the school. Needless to mention that Mr. Azam Khan. the then Governor of East Pakistan contributed a lot to establish the Noakhali town in the existing area. Al though the school was registered as R.K Noakhali Zilla School in the govt. documents, the word R.K was abolished gradually. The total area of the school is eight acres. The area proposed for the Basket ball ground was captured for the District Education Office.